March 5, 2010

Bible Scribe

As of today my kids are beginning a reading and writing journey to discover the life of Jesus. I recently downloaded the Bible Scribe pages from the History Scribe site.

Every day they will have a pre-chosen passage to read, a place to illustrate what they read, another place to write a key verse from the passage and a writing section to summarize their reading. In a month or so, they will have a book of drawings, Bible verses and reflections about the life of Jesus.

Since testing is on the horizon and my rambunctious kids can't sit in a chair, much less be quiet, for half an hour, I set a 30-minute timer for them to practice focusing while they complete their page. I feel silly having them practice the "skill of quietness" but these kids are wired for nonstop activity and silence has a steep learning curve.

Even with the hefty time requirements, the kids enjoy these pages. The end result will be priceless!

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