June 11, 2011

Garden Girl

A few years ago Cayli wanted to plant a garden. So we bought seeds, soil and tools. We planted. We watered. We waited. Nothing happened.

The next year: same scenario, nothing grew.

Apparently the horticultural knowledge of my farming grandparents (my grandfather was a peach crop inspector and my grandmother grew her own food every year) and parents decided to skip my generation.

So I did what any other brown-thumb mother would do: enroll her green-thumb wannabe in a Jr. Master Gardener program. Our local botanical gardens offers this 4-H program to homeschoolers. We were the first to sign up!

The program answered all Cayli's questions and gave her specific how-tos. Using the botanical garden's greenhouses she learned about the parts of a plant and the water cycle, the correct way to sow seeds and how to cultivate and ultimately harvest.

Recently we've enjoyed her cucumbers and carrots:

We're currently waiting on her tomatoes. Don't you just love her handmade cages (pieces of scrap wood held together with crochet yarn?)!

June 4, 2011

What we're reading

Fabulous book about the Dani tribe! Until the 1950s, this tribe was an unknown warrior group living in the Stone Age. Christian missionaries flew in during the 1960s and, because of the grace and love of God, helped to radically transform these fighting men and women into a God-fearing civilization.

Last Sunday our church celebrated the Lord's Supper, which took on a new meaning for us since we had just read about the Dani's first observance of the Lord's Supper. We may use wafers and grape juice, but they used their staple product of sweet potatoes and red raspberry juice served in bamboo bowls. I had never thought of how other people partake of the Lord's Supper so this was a good glimpse into another culture.

May 29, 2011

Birthday Boy

FOUR years ago our family traded pink and purple frills for lots of blue and a plethora of cars, trains, trucks, planes and NoIsE! And lots of it!

We love our Micah Man!

And he loves his new drum sticks!


May 24, 2011

The Music of Angels

Last summer my girls started harp lessons. On Sunday they played This Is My Father's World in a harp septet during our church's worship service.

Here they are preparing during an early morning rehearsal:
Mabry and Kenna have harpsicles and Cayli has a Hallelujah Harp. That harp is on loan from their teacher and I believe every child that was playing on the platform started on that particular harp.

Many thanks to their teacher, Mrs. Adair, for sharing her love of harp music with the girls! She has been a blessing and an encouragement to our entire family!

The hymn they played is one that I sang to them at bedtime for many years. What a treat to hear them play it!

May 20, 2011

Casualities of Childhood

Yesterday my John James Audobon wannabee, Mabry, paid the price of inquisitiveness as she traipsed through the woods with Cayli. Apparently Cayli pulled down a tree limb to take a closer look at it when it fell from the tree and sliced part of the back of Mabry's head.

It was really a simple scalp injury but it sure it bleed. So I packed up all 4 kids (and a bunch of crackers/cars/books/iTouch to keep Micah occupied) and headed to Urgent Care.

This was our third visit to urgent care in the past 5 months and the first not involving Micah. We see them so much, the staff is almost like family. And they were happy to see someone other than Micah.

Micah's first visit was back in November when he danced right off the table and busted the back of his head. That required 4 staples.

His second visit was last month when he tripped on the top of some playground equipment while jumping to Matt. He fell face-first in a pile of rocks. Nothing required stitches but his face was messed up for a bit.

Fortunately Mabry only needed a single staple to help heal her wound. We left with the medical staff saying, "See you soon!" They know it's only a matter of time before we return--because childhood has its consequences for the active & curious kids.

A minor brush with blood sure can calm a kid. Here is Mabry nursing her headache by watching her favorite movie, Narnia:

May 16, 2011


Last night proved to be bittersweet as it marked the last time all three of my girls would sing together in a children's musical at our church.

Cayli, a rising 6th grader, moves up to the youth group in two weeks. Of course the twins have another year before they join her, so we get to participate in next year's musical. It will just be different without the trio singing together. Cayli, however, is excited to become part of the backstage crew that will help with costuming and props. That's been the role I've played for the past few years, so next year she'll be my right hand gal as we help put together the stage--together!

May 14, 2011

Priority #1: Not Blogging

Last night as I lay pondering the finer events of our day, I realized that I need to return to blogging. Honestly I have no time to blog but my family needs this blog as a record of their homeschooling years. So I resolved not to let our busy-ness interfere with the memories this blog provides.

Without this record of events, we would possibly forget all the cute things Micah says:
Hanitizer = hand sanitizer

Christmas Cream = Krispy Kreme
With the red and green logo who can blame him? And it's a place we hardly ever visit because the their coffee is bad and their doughnuts are too sweet...but I surprised the kids with these treats for their last day of school!

And when he can't find Nap Nap, his trusty blanky, he reassures himself with the thought that Nap Nap has gone down the road to the Farmer's Market. Which then cause us to question:
How do we keeping losing Nap Nap? It's over 5ft long! And...
Why does it keep going to the Farmer's Market when we've never been their ourselves?

In this busy season of life blogging isn't necessarily tops on my daily priority lists, but making and keeping memories is. Maybe you can join us as we make our memories!