April 22, 2008

Grocery Cart Math (aka it's time to do math but we're hungry!)

I hadn't been to the grocery store this week, so the food supply was famishly low. With nothing desirable to eat, I made a quick list. If I have to take all the kids to the grocery store, I prefer to do it in the morning when everyone has plenty of energy. So we would maximize our time, I gave each kid the list and told them to write down each price. This kept them focused and their little hands busy and out of tempting displays of candy, cookies and fruit drinks.

When we came home, we added up our items. I had broken the list into breakfast, lunch and dinner foods. We tallied each category to see where we spend the most money. We also talked about the most expensive item (gallon of milk) and the cheapest (can of black beans).

Next time we do this, I'll give each girl a list of ingredients for a particular recipe and let them add up what that meal costs this family of six. Another time I want to do a list of foods and compare store brand prices with national brands. (Most of my ideas come from this book. I'm not this creative with math!)

Of course, after all this shopping, we had to treat ourselves...so, lucky us!, we found these at the checkout:




Mrs. Darling said...

Great idea! Loved the video too.

Loo said...

... are you ALWAYS this cool? ;)
*sigh* My intentions outweigh my actions 100 to 1.

Emily Wallace said...

I love this grocery shopping post. I cannot wait till Jackson is old enough to help me grocery shop. Thanks for sharing!