January 23, 2009

Dear Ariana,

Thank you for mailing us cookie mix and decorating supplies! We had a fabulous time making and decorating them. Please come visit us soon because we want to make cookies with you!

January 20, 2009


Yeah, yeah, I know, today was historically significant. We may have seen national history unfold in Washington, DC...but real family history happened in our front yard. Three of my children have never seen snow. So when the white stuff fell from the sky, we trusted the government to do their thing while we did ours. But we enjoyed the snow, just like the government would. ;)

Micah really didn't care about the snow. He just wanted to play in the cold, wet sand (just like politicians totally missing the obvious!)

Cayli easily wiped out any accumulation (kind of like the economy, don't you think?).

Mabry confidently climbed on top of the Trailblazer to collect enough snow (makes me think of drastic measures to gather taxes)...

for Kenna's snowball. Sadly we only had enough for one snowball...and she threw it--splat! on the ground, didn't even hit it's target (yep, just like taxes.).

Overall, my kids really don't know what to do with the novelty of white stuff and found themselves standing around, wondering what to do next (sort of resembles Congress):

We did venture inside to see a few inaugural festivites, such as President Bush and soon-to-be President Obama riding together to Capital Hill. It was at this point that Micah, totally oblivious, ran to the TV and yelled "bye!" and "car!" Even a toddler knew the grand significance of the event.

January 15, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Before my children landed on this planet, I wondered and dreamed of what they'd become as adults. The older they get, the more I'm convinced that I don't have to think too hard. All I have to do is peek into my mirror.

They are what I am. They are perfect imitators of my strengths and weaknesses. They are Mini-MEs.

I take pictures, they take pictures. I crochet, they crochet. I read my Bible, they read theirs. But they've inherited all my nastiness too. They have their mother's temper, sarcasism and preference for laziness. I've learned to control and work through my yucky tendencies, but they haven't and they eagerly air them at the most inopportune times, especially public places.

Parenting has been easier since I realized many of the daily issues were really my own fault. They were reflecting my impatience and disorganization and tendency to be easily frustrated. So confessing my own faults and dealing with myself has made for a much more quiet and controllable household.

Years ago, my own mother cursed me with "I hope you have kids just like yourself!" and today she laughs at her prophecy fulfilled. Fortunately I have that same hope. That one day my kids will have their own Mini-MEs.

January 12, 2009

A church girl's resolution

Confession time: I've been in church all my life, but have never read the Bible cover to cover. I've probably read the entire Bible, but just in little bits, never methodical.
Until this year.
I've resolved to read every single word of God this year since I've found a translation that I enjoy reading: New Living Translation, full of richness and beauty.

I'm using this pocket size The One Year Bible as my guide. It's small enough that I can carry it in my bag and pick it up when I have a few minutes while the girls are at dance or drama class.

It's broken down by day, with a portion for the Old Testament, a passage from the New Testament, a bit of Psalms and a smidgen of Proverbs...all in one day. So I'm not flipping from here to there and back again to get a full day's reading. It's all right there in one place.

I typically read the OT part in the morning when I wake up and the NT portion at night before going to bed. My well-churched brain was having a hard time flipping from "God created" to "Jesus walked" all in the same 5 minutes, so I decided to break up the readings throughout the day.

I'm not an overly structured individual and have tried to do this many times in the past. But I'm getting too old to make excuses for not reading the Bible. So in a moment of eagerness--and a fear of failure--I started reading this Bible in November. And though I've missed a few days here and there, I'm way ahead of schedule, because once I start to read one passage, I don't want to wait until the next day to finish it. So I keep going.

And I hope that even if you've tried to read the entire Scripture in the past, that you'll continue reading or try again. Because, take it from me, your Sunday School teacher was right: it really is the living, breathing word of God!

January 5, 2009

Cinderella, Dressed in Yellow...

We, like half of America, got a Wii for Christmas. The girls like it, their daddy likes it better. But the best gift of all seems to be our 16 foot jumprope that Santa brought. One girl gets on one end, another hands to other end, and the lucky third one gets to sail up the ceiling of our back porch.

I'm the lucky mom in that I get to share part of my childhood with my girls. When I was their age, I loved to jumprope! I loved to repeat the rhymes of the day and jump and skip and hop along my merry way. Now my kids get to do it themselves.

But jumping with a long rope didn't come easy. I'll spare you the pictures, but I had to demonstrate how to jump. Now an easy feat for a 30-something mom who hasn't jumped in 15+ years. But it got the job done and the girls entertain and exercise themselves with "Cinderella, dressed in yellow" and "Johnny by the ocean, Johnny by the sea" for lengths of time.

We've also found it to be a great way to practice spelling words, memory verses, science and math facts. You name it, you can jump to it!

January 4, 2009

Sunday Nights

I love our Sunday nights! We only have family time. We don't participate in any outside structured activies, including church (*gasp*), it's only family togetherness for us on Sunday nights.

This evening Matt sat down with Kenna to help her paint her horse. This was his gift to her for Christmas--daddy/daughter time, just the two of them.
Micah and I played trains. (I just love my baby boy!)
And Mabes and Cayli Mario-carted all over the imaginary worlds. I'm not a gamer, but these kids are quickly becoming serious about their Wii.
It's nice to have a family of even numbers. Everyone has a pair and everyone is occupied together. It makes for a nice, quiet, homey Sunday evening--all in preparation for the craziness of Mondays!

Enjoy the last few minutes of your weekend!

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Welcome '09!

Ever noticed how fireworks also represent life with little kids? A whirlwind of motion with lots of bursts of excitment? Yep, that's my four livewires!