May 5, 2009

Memory Box

A year or so ago, I read this article about creating and using a scripture memory box. Like many ideas, I tucked it in the back of my head for future use when I had plenty of time to institute it.

I still don't have plenty of time, but I do have much desire to implement a system to assist my family as we store the very words of God in our hearts.

We don't participate in an Awana program or Bible drills, but we do actively read our Bibles. This system allows for everyone's input into what scripture they would like to memorize.

For starters, I chose a box. I picked a pretty one over a practical one because I'd rather look at colorful flowers over boring plastic anyday. Please, friends, don't laugh at me as you now see that I, Mrs. Flybytheseatofmypants, actually own an organizational tool:

The box also contains dividers (and yes, I really did know what to do with them!). I altered the system to fit perfectly on 24 dividers instead of the 41 that the program utilizes. I made the changes because the box only came with 24 cards this way will be a bit more practical for our family.

My labels:

  • 1 label for Daily
  • 1 for Odd
  • 1 for Even
  • 5 for weekdays (because honestly, we won't even think about this box on the weekends)
  • 16 for numerical days of the month (one label is for days 1 and 16, the next is for days 2 and 17, then 3 and 18, etc because it won't kill us to review our verses twice a month instead of once a month as prescribed by the original post; Day 31 is all alone so those verses are reviewed 7 times a year and by then the kids should be able to recite them in their sleep)

As you may suspect, I did have to purchase index cards. I never, ever thought that I would actually use these, but I have come to find many good uses for them throughout my homeschooling career.

There are many, many lists online of verses that are excellent for remembering. But I simply flipped through my Bible and wrote down key verses that I had highlighted over the years.

Everyday we read a card, mainly focusing on the verse or passage that is in the daily category. Then we review the ones I've moved to other places, starting with an even or odd day of the month and then the actual date of the month.

So for today, 5/5/09, we read Joshua 1:9 twice and the kids said it with me. Then I'd read a few words and let them say the rest. They sort of knew this verse, so I moved it to the odd category-- We won't read it again until 5/7. I then picked the veres out of the odd section and those happened to be Psalms 23. We read through it, saying it together. I put it back and we'll revisit it in two days. When the kids can say it fairly well, it'll be moved to one of the twice a month labels.

The only discipline this takes is remembering to actually do it. But my kids seem to remember to actually eat breakfast every morning, so I just serve up some Daily Bread along with their cereal. I love copying scripture so I keep a stack of cards with my Bible and will add the box as I come across something we need to or would like to memorize. I'm also letting the girls contribute whatever verses they find meaningful.

So what's your method for memorizing scripture?


Amanda said...

You are just too good! You make the rest of average homeschooling moms look really bad!

I would love to get together and pick your brain about stuff. I want to get my homeschooling act together. How about a trip to the country this summer? We may even be able to swim in the neighbor's pool (a mile down the road, a 80 year old couple wanted us to use the pool weekly last year and already invited us this year).

Mrs. Darling said...

Love this system. This is a great idea. We do awana but i also teach entire passages of scripture at the breakfast tabel and then recite them again at bedtime until we learn them.

Let us know how this all works out as you progress.

Amy said...

I just want to thank you for the wonderful ideas!! We are now doing a First Ladies unit study because of reading about your study.

Now I am going to try this system as well. I have been looking for something like this.

Thanks for the ideas :-)

Amy from the FIAR Boards

Kendra said...

Thanks for sharing.. this is a really awesome system and I have an empty index card box sitting here waiting to be filled.. Oh, and for the record, your handwriting is beautiful. :D

gijogrg said...

The box looks really beautiful. It is a creative way of learning.