June 21, 2008

A Happy Camper

This was the long awaited weekend for CG. Finally, after all the months of waiting and counting down days, we arrived at Camp LaVida for a mother/daughter camping experience with other GAs (Girls in Action) from around the state. We had wanted to go last year, but a baby decided to join our family, so we eagerly participated this summer.
Here she is, all settled in her bunk:
On our way to the activities shelter, we stopped to "pet" a wandering snake recently rescued by the maintenance man. CG had never held a snake before. She didn't hold this one either. But she did get close enough to feel its gross slithery-ness. You'd think that she'd seen plenty of snakes living in the country, but we've been snake-free (thank God!!!!) for the past few years.
No camp experience is complete without a mandatory scrapbook and here's CG working on hers--by flashlight. The lights to the activities building were knocked out by a recent storm. But any child loves an excuse to use a flashlight and CG was able to do all the coloring, cutting and writing by hers.
We also did our fair share of swimming and canoeing, the highlights of our adventure, hands down!
Our only complaint was that the camp weekend was too short. CG and I could have stayed much longer and loved every minute. Next year I'll take twins for a weekend and let CG go for a week. Or maybe I'll get a job out there so I can play all summer and let the kids visit me occasionally. :)

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