October 28, 2008

Election study

It's that time you know. Finally one week left in all this blah, blah, blah jargon. So we're doing a basic study this week so that my kids know what's really going on when we hit the polls next Tuesday.

I started by downloading a fold-n-learn from FIAR. This resource comes complete with info, graphics and ideas to further study this topic.
We used construction paper to put together a file folder of sorts and then made a flip-up section to divide the candidates.
Tomorrow we plan on adding a section on the inside about the history of voting, including women's right to vote. I'm in the process of printing off a basic bio of each candidate so that kids will know a little bit of each man's resume. Next Tuesday we'll color in each state's election returns, just like the big newsrooms do. We'll also spend some time praying for the outcome of this election.

During this mini-unit, the book So You Want to Be President? has been a great humerous overview of all the presidents. It's truly a must-read! (Did you know that Roosevelt's kids brought a horse into the White House elevator?)
If you've got any other ideas, I'd love to hear them. Leave a comment or shoot me an email. I'm sure my kids would enjoy someone else's fun ideas! You know it's so much easier to teach my kids when they think another mom come up with the project. ;)
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Heather said...

Those look great Melinda! My son has not finished his yet, but we used a three prong folder and put the party symbols on each pocket.

I think that's what he'll be doing next week for his school while I'm still not doing much.

BTW, I love your fall motif! Now that I have my new laptop, you'll have to give me pointers on the digi-scrapping I'll be able to do now.

Heather W (FIAR)
- who is in the hospital all alone visiting blogs tonight! : )