September 18, 2009


Last week we took a vacation to Washington DC and Philadelphia, so, like all good homeschooled students, this week the kids get to write a report on what they saw. Earlier this summer I purchased Easy File Folder Reports to make reporting a bit more fun and manageable for my distractable kids.

Kenna chose to write about the Washington Monument. One of the highlights of our trip was going to the top of the 555ft monument. From the observation windows you could see all of DC! The elevator took 70 seconds to arrive at the top, but it slowed on the way down to showcase the engraved stones that make up the interior of the monument. Organizations and states commissioned special engravings to pay tribute to George Washington and placed them inside the monument. Very unique, I thought.

As part of Kenna's report, she had to display the monument. She carved it from soap:

She also had to create an ad to encourage others to come visit. She could have drawn one herself, but since all of our pictures from our recent trip are on the computer, she just made a digital one:

It's been a blessing to see the kids write about their new found knowledge from the trip. We could have spent more time in DC but only had a week. So this week we got to relive it all through conversations and fun report forms.

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Amanda said...

GREAT pictures! We loved DC and can't wait to go back again! I'm off to check out the file folder reports.