November 2, 2009

Fall Festival

Yesterday our church hosted its annual fall festival with its first ever kids talent show. Some kids song, some tumbled, some danced and some twirled!

My girls dressed as birds and twirled to Rockin Robin. Their costumes were courtesy of every.single.piece of fabric stashed in our house and my little ol' Kenmore machine.

Homeschooling provides us with extra time to pursue the interests our kids have. They chose the music and choreographed their own routine. They even helped with the costuming. I'm so thankful that we could take a week to focus on the creative side of kids.

As for the fall festival, we had so much fun with our friends! Thanks First Baptist for doing a fabulous job!

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Dawn said...

Hello there. I can't seem to find where I can send you an email, so I figured I would comment on your lovely post. I came across your blog and was just so encouraged and uplifted reading through some of your blogs. You have a beautiful family and a huge heart full of Christ. I added myself as a "follower" and just wanted to introduce myself. My blog is one in the making at the moment...have taken some time off the computer and have fallen behind on posting. Thank you for sharing all your neat ideas and your wonderful family!
Blessing to you and yours,

Dawn said...

I remember now how I came across your blog! I was looking up the exact address to our families scripture of why we don't celebrate "Halloween" and it came up when I typed it in..funny! After I was done finishing my blog, I decided to click on your page. I was amazed at our outlook on this "holiday" and how similar our beliefs are. Was encouraging, as most around us think we are "weird". =) Nice to have another "weirdo" amongst us ;)