January 5, 2010

Kick-off to our new semester

Here's our course of study for the next few weeks:
Cayli has already read the books in this series. So I'm reading for the first time, outloud, to all the girls as we study prairie life, thanks to a Beyond Five in a Row unit.

Today we read chapter one and then talked about the formation of a baby. We read Psalms 139 and then went over a month-by-month growth of a fetus.

This discussion was very, very basic, but led to interesting conversations about what each child was like at birth. So I shared a few memories that I had treasured in my heart and showed them lots of pictures, even their ultrasound photos.

This is my sweet Cayli, who always slept with her hands near her head. By two months she was an avid thumb sucker. :)

Here are Mabry and Kenna, who were caught in a rare sleeping pose. They began life as womb-mates and have always shared a bassinet or a crib. Now they share a room. They are very close.
What a precious time we had flipping through the pictures to revisit their entry into the world!

One thing I'm purposing this year is to spend individual time with each child. Homeschooling allows me to spend lots of time with all of my kids, but I don't have much time one-on-one. So today each girl got their own baby story--told for the 18,000th time, but every time is special to them. :)

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P.S. No, these pictures do not make me long for another baby. :) I'm loving my kids where they are--each stage is a joy. And the three-kids-ages-8-and-9-with-a-toddler-in-tow stage is so much more joyous than the three-kids-under-17-months. ;)

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Tracie said...

Cute!! I haven't seen a baby pic of CG before!! Are you going with me on Friday?