April 5, 2010

Recent Events

Recent events--like the fact that my kids are growing up--have prompted me to limit my computer time, thus almost eliminating my blog time. Having a 4th grader who likes to research and write, 2 3rd graders who live in Webkinz World and a toddler who thinks Thomas the Train and author Frank Asch are online just for him, leaves me little time to connect to rest of the world.

So here's a quick recap of our lives:

Yesterday was a beautiful Easter day. I love this holiday for it's significance and also for the fact that it hasn't been totally ruined by commercialism. I made the girls' dresses this year and it was probably the biggest sewing undertaking yet as it was my first time with lining a dress and adding a zipper. What a blessing to make something so bright and beautiful for my little ladies!

My kids are also proving themselves crafty.

Both Cayli and Mabry made coverings to send to an overseas orphanage for special needs children via Reece's Rainbow.

Cayli cut squares into every piece of fabric she could find and sewed them together for a quilt. She put together the entire piece by herself, inspired by all the times she has watched her Granny quilt.

Mabry loves to crochet and was the first kid to jump on the opportunity to use what she does best to benefit another child. She picked bright colors to crochet together.

It's a blessing to see my girls use their hands to brighten someone else's day!

Another thing we recently started is Kids Cook Friday. Every Friday one of the girls gets some much-needed mommy time in the kitchen. Typically, at day's hectic end, I send the girls outside to play while I prepare dinner. I get somewhat of a breather being by myself, but it doesn't serve the girls well. I realized they had very limited kitchen skills. So I use Fridays as the day for one child to help in the kitchen. I get one-on-one time and she gets a fun Friday of culinary experiences.

Each child prepares a menu from the main dish to dessert, makes a grocery list, gathers the ingredients at the store and then tells me what to do to help cook. I simply assist in the kitchen and allow each girl a chance to grow in responsibility. This has probably been one of the best things we've ever done as a family!

Until next time,

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Kisha said...

That is such a great idea to have your girls help you in the kitchen and have one-on-one Mommy time. My kids love to help, but it does get crowded at times. I'll have to try that.

And I love the quilt!!

lindler5 said...

i was going to ask where you got their beautiful dresses!! you did a wonderful job!!

April said...

You did such a wonderful job on the girl's dresses. They have done such a great job on their crafts. We've done the one on one cooking, but not the menu planning and the shopping. That's a great idea. We'll have to use that too.

Shonda said...

Beautiful blog and beautiful family!!!! You are an awesome photographer, too!

Amanda said...

Wow! You have been busy!! LOVE the dresses! I am so impressed!! You do so many neat, crafty things with your kids.

I was going to call you and see if you wanted to attend a photog workshop with me (in June, in NC), but I see you have your hands full already. LOL