July 20, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Been preparing for the upcoming school year...even though we started 3 weeks ago.

This year:

  • Cayli is in 5th grade
  • Kenna and Mabry are in 4th grade
  • Micah is into making messes
This year, however, we have no textbooks. Not even for math. *gasp*

Our library is filled with math books that teach concepts in such an engaging way. Math will no longer be a subject to "do," it will be a part of life to experience. This summer reading/doing around here:

Sure, we'll have a few worksheets here and there for drill, especially since all the girls can use some extra practice with multiplication and division. But we'll also use other books along the way:

We're 3 weeks into our new school year and every day one of the girls asked when we can do math. That's never happened before since math was a subject to be dreaded. But with a little extra planning and some creativity, my girls have come to love real-life math.

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