September 7, 1996

Why We Homeschool

We homeschool so that I won't go to jail and leave my truant kids without a mother. I would never, ever to be able to get my overactive clan to their classes by the first bell. Of course, if I did get them to school on time, it would only be a matter of minutes before the principal called, begging me to please come get my rowdy girls before they try to take complete control of the school.

Besides, I love teaching my kids. It's such a blessing to be able to watch them explore the world around them. They are inquisitive and enthusiastic learners, and it's a joy to experience their education with them.

I have nothing against public education. I'm a proud product of it myself. Everyone in my extended family has something to do with the school system: my father is a retired principal, my mom currently teaches economics at a local highshool, my brother teaches science to middle schoolers and my sister is a therapist to autistic children. Though I don't hold a teaching degree, teaching is in my blood. I just don't have brick and mortar classroom of 30 kids--I only have four. And the entire world is our classroom.

Homeschooling my kids protects their relationships with one another, including their baby brother. My kids are delightfully close. They play well together. They are each other's best friends. They learn together, create together, play together. Sure, they get personal time, just to be themselves; but for the most part being together is a part of who they are.

Homeschooling also allows us to get all of the formal education out of the way by lunchtime so that the girls can spend the rest of the day being kids. The time I would spend helping each child do after-school homework, is spent being a family.

How We Homeschool

We use lots of materials for our homeschool, including the kids' imaginations and inquiries about the world around them.