September 7, 1996

About Our Family

We are a lively family of six (plus a dog and a cat and, at any given time, a few fish).
Matthew runs a courier contacting business.
Melinda is teacher, referee, chef, event coordinator, chauffuer, organizer, encyclopedia/dictionary/thesaurus, graphic designer, nurse, family historian, cheapo interior decorator, photographer, baton mom, proofreader, seamtress, sounding board, peacemaker, and maid. In her free time, she takes a shower and goes to bed.
Cayli Grace, 3rd grader, wants to be an author and/illustrator. She twirls a baton, loves dolphins and has decorated her room with Tinkerbell.
Kenna and Mabry are identical 2nd graders. When they grow up, they either want to live in Disney World or be cowgirls with lots of horses and no responsibilities. Though I suspect they will live on Broadway.
Micah, our spoiled 1-year-old, benefits from four mamas. He loves to hit most things and throw everything else. He's favorite creature is Clifford, the Big Red Dog.