December 7, 2007

Baton Class

Yesterday was open house at the girls' dance studio, so Matt and I were able to see first-hand what the kiddos do during dance class. The biggest surprise for us: K (in pink/purple) and M (in blue) are doing so well! You see, when we're at home, CG twirls and twirls and would all day long, if we let her. So we know what she can do. At home, K and M may pick up their batons a few times, but it's mainly to morph them into light sabers a la Star Wars! A baton is simply a prop for their imagination; whereas it's a dance tool for CG. We are very proud of our girlies and can't wait for the recital this spring.

Here is K preparing to throw her baton in the air, clap twice and catch it.

Here is CG demonstrating a horizontal move. She is so happy when she has a baton in her hands.

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