December 10, 2007

Finally...a typical day!

Whew! We survived the church's magnificent week-long Christmas pageant! What a wonderfully exciting, but absolutely exhausting, time we had! Now we can say the Christmas season has officially begun in the our household.
After a week away from their studies, the kids needed some structure and I needed my routine back. Of course, as anyone with a 6-month-old knows, a steady routine is non-existent. Kenna played with her doll, Mabry made clay snakes and Cayli decided to cook.
While I was feeding Micah his daily dose of butternut squash (his very favorite!) she asked if she could please use the bananas for something--something, as in anything. I told she could...if she had a recipe from a book. Truthfully I just didn't want another gross creative concoction of bananas-ketchup-egg-pancake syrup. So she found a book in one of the cabinets, preceeded to pull all the ingredients from the shelves and made a batch of yummy sugar cookies. She tells all on her blog.
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I am enjoying reading your blog! Can you e-mail me your e-mail address at as well as your mailing address? Thank you so much!