November 30, 2008

6.5 hours

For all of the afternoon and most of the evening, my can't-focus-on-anything kids played Monopoly with their daddy. They sat calmly in their seats, bought and sold, counted their money, negotiated, made change, sat still some more, assessed probability, made educated guess-timates, played banker, continued to sit still (even while in jail) and loved every minute of it.
I think this should count for an entire week's worth of math! I can't get this much cooperation on any school day.

FWIW, Cayli Grace claims victory, but in reality, Mabry and Cayli tied (but after 6.5 long, tiring hours, we let CG think she won!).

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Shonda said...

I have a couple of Monopoly Maniacs here, too! I love the pics! Great macro usage! It's my favorite function.