November 9, 2008

Micah is now 17 months, 11 days...

A trivial young age for sure, but very tender to my mommy heart. For it was the exact age that my sweet, sweet oldest darling, Cayli Grace, was the day her sisters were born. For the most part, I remember every aspect of Cayli Grace's life up until the moment Mabes and Kenna were born. But then my happy-go-luck life became a collection of mundane, rigorous, frazzled-mommy schedules. I remember nothing from those early years. I can look at pictures to put together pieces of our family's adventures, but I really don't have any warm-fuzzy recollections of life with three less than 18 months apart.

And that's why Micah, our surprise baby, is such a refreshing blessing. I cherish each step and word and laugh. Even the messes...I love them all! Even though he's baby number four, it's really like the first time I've experienced it.

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Heather said...

I have similar feelings about our fourth.

I've never experience a three year old without a newborn in our lives at the same time.

So...wait until he is three. It is marvelous!!

Heather W

Jennifer said...

It's my third whose baby years I don't remember much about. I guess that's why he's a tad... shall we say... indulged, now. I'm too busy savoring to fuss much now that I know how easy it is to miss things:).