December 5, 2008

Pieces of Pennsylvania

(This post is a bit late; the presentation happend over 3 weeks ago. But hey, what's a mom to do when she's got sick kids? So far we've passed around general nastiness and pink eye. We've avoided the stomach virus, but have visited the doctor more times in the past two week than in the past two years.)

For our co-op on the 50 states, we presented Pennsylvania. Kenna was a red crayon in honor of the Crayola Factory in the upper part of the Keystone State.

Kissable Mabes told about the Hershey factory and how chocolate is made. I think the girls would really like to move there forever.

Behind her is our poster. Everytime they presented some information, they would lift up a blue flap to show a picture on a red background. The turned the entire state into an American Flag a la Betsy Ross...

Cayli Grace's hero! CG was able to share Betsy trivia and facts about American Revolution, much of which started in Philly.
Then we all cut out Betsy's famed 5-pointed stars. When George Washington approached Besty to sew our first flag, he suggested 6 points on each star because they were easier to cut out of fabric. Betsy, creatively knowing better, showed him a 5-pointed one, with a few fold and a snip. The rest is history.

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