April 22, 2009


My iTouch is by far the greatest asset to our homeschool right now. We watch all sorts of educational videos that help the kids visualize a concept without leaving home.

I've also downloaded all sorts of educational apps (mostly free!) for the girls, along with a few fun drawing, tangram, story and music apps.

One of the girls' favorite apps is the weather app preloaded on the iTouch. Whenever we study a new place they arrange the settings so that they will see the weather from that area. The other day I was quite bummed that it was going to storm all day long...then I realized that I was looking at a weather report for Costa Rica.

YouTube has been the biggest has been the biggest hit (along with the tootsie pop):

What's Kenna excited about? The Great Barrier Reef:

Since we can't go to Australia right now and the library isn't the most fun place with toddler, YouTube is perfect! I just love technology...

(If you have any favorite techno tool or app that you use in your school/home, please let me know!)

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Mrs. Darling said...

I love UTube for school stuff. The face on your daughter is priceless. LOL