May 20, 2011

Casualities of Childhood

Yesterday my John James Audobon wannabee, Mabry, paid the price of inquisitiveness as she traipsed through the woods with Cayli. Apparently Cayli pulled down a tree limb to take a closer look at it when it fell from the tree and sliced part of the back of Mabry's head.

It was really a simple scalp injury but it sure it bleed. So I packed up all 4 kids (and a bunch of crackers/cars/books/iTouch to keep Micah occupied) and headed to Urgent Care.

This was our third visit to urgent care in the past 5 months and the first not involving Micah. We see them so much, the staff is almost like family. And they were happy to see someone other than Micah.

Micah's first visit was back in November when he danced right off the table and busted the back of his head. That required 4 staples.

His second visit was last month when he tripped on the top of some playground equipment while jumping to Matt. He fell face-first in a pile of rocks. Nothing required stitches but his face was messed up for a bit.

Fortunately Mabry only needed a single staple to help heal her wound. We left with the medical staff saying, "See you soon!" They know it's only a matter of time before we return--because childhood has its consequences for the active & curious kids.

A minor brush with blood sure can calm a kid. Here is Mabry nursing her headache by watching her favorite movie, Narnia:

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