May 14, 2011

Priority #1: Not Blogging

Last night as I lay pondering the finer events of our day, I realized that I need to return to blogging. Honestly I have no time to blog but my family needs this blog as a record of their homeschooling years. So I resolved not to let our busy-ness interfere with the memories this blog provides.

Without this record of events, we would possibly forget all the cute things Micah says:
Hanitizer = hand sanitizer

Christmas Cream = Krispy Kreme
With the red and green logo who can blame him? And it's a place we hardly ever visit because the their coffee is bad and their doughnuts are too sweet...but I surprised the kids with these treats for their last day of school!

And when he can't find Nap Nap, his trusty blanky, he reassures himself with the thought that Nap Nap has gone down the road to the Farmer's Market. Which then cause us to question:
How do we keeping losing Nap Nap? It's over 5ft long! And...
Why does it keep going to the Farmer's Market when we've never been their ourselves?

In this busy season of life blogging isn't necessarily tops on my daily priority lists, but making and keeping memories is. Maybe you can join us as we make our memories!

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