July 30, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Three weeks ago my twins hit a major milestone: they turned 7! We had a small family gathering for them then, and yesterday we invited their best friends from their 2nd grade Sunday School class to the Springdale House "Waterpark." Sadly a storm drifted by the during the first hour, so we moved the crafts, wedding/foudant cake and presents into the garden house to celebrate indoors. The sun peeked through the last hour hour, so the kids got to slip 'n slide all over the courtyard.

This is a great group of kids and they are all such good friends. And not just the kids...I happen to really like all the parents too! We are blessed to be surrounded by great friends.:)

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Tracie said...

Happy Late Birthday Ladies!!!
It looks like everyone had fun.

Did you make the cake? It looks great. Remember the cake we did for Drew's birthday--the swimmer--and the one we, I mean, you did for Matthew.