August 2, 2008

Micah, the Messy Muffin Munchkin

There's never been any doubt that Micah loves his food. He eats anything and he eats it all. He started with real bananas at 5 months and hasn't stopped since. Today he devoured a chocoloate chip muffin.

By the way, I don't think I'll be getting any Mother of the Year awards in '08; but my kids think I'm a winner because, not only did I serve a healthy dose of chocolate in the shape of breakfast muffins, I also let them eat ice-cream for their morning meal at least once this week (maybe twice, but I'm not going to admit to that. [rationalization]And before you call the breakfast police, we have a wonderfully wholesome menu lined up for this week to account for my shotty meal preparation last week. Besides, really what is the nutritional difference between yummy chocolate ice cream and doughnuts or frosted flakes? And really, who wants toasted pop tarts when they wake up and the temp outside is already a humid and blazing 95 degrees? [/rationalization]). Amazingly, I ate none of these sugary treats. But I did notice that my kids were a bit more energetic during schooltime.

Now whether Micah is on a sugar-high or not, he's into mischief. Today he stole my phone. I caught him trying to cram it into his shape sorter. If you peep through the holes, you'll notice all the other things this little thief was trying to hide: his sister's newly created potholders, clean pacifiers and a few of the girls' hair pieces. Now that he's perfected pounding loose articles into these shapes, we know where to look for our missing items.

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