January 4, 2009

Sunday Nights

I love our Sunday nights! We only have family time. We don't participate in any outside structured activies, including church (*gasp*), it's only family togetherness for us on Sunday nights.

This evening Matt sat down with Kenna to help her paint her horse. This was his gift to her for Christmas--daddy/daughter time, just the two of them.
Micah and I played trains. (I just love my baby boy!)
And Mabes and Cayli Mario-carted all over the imaginary worlds. I'm not a gamer, but these kids are quickly becoming serious about their Wii.
It's nice to have a family of even numbers. Everyone has a pair and everyone is occupied together. It makes for a nice, quiet, homey Sunday evening--all in preparation for the craziness of Mondays!

Enjoy the last few minutes of your weekend!


Mrs. Darling said...

My kids want those steering wheels so bad. Tink does nothing but play the wii since Christmas. She can now beat any of us at any game!

Jennifer said...

I wish that I could get my hubby to forgo chuch stuff on Sunday night, but that's the only nite for any kids programs and he won't hear of it.SIGH