January 20, 2009


Yeah, yeah, I know, today was historically significant. We may have seen national history unfold in Washington, DC...but real family history happened in our front yard. Three of my children have never seen snow. So when the white stuff fell from the sky, we trusted the government to do their thing while we did ours. But we enjoyed the snow, just like the government would. ;)

Micah really didn't care about the snow. He just wanted to play in the cold, wet sand (just like politicians totally missing the obvious!)

Cayli easily wiped out any accumulation (kind of like the economy, don't you think?).

Mabry confidently climbed on top of the Trailblazer to collect enough snow (makes me think of drastic measures to gather taxes)...

for Kenna's snowball. Sadly we only had enough for one snowball...and she threw it--splat! on the ground, didn't even hit it's target (yep, just like taxes.).

Overall, my kids really don't know what to do with the novelty of white stuff and found themselves standing around, wondering what to do next (sort of resembles Congress):

We did venture inside to see a few inaugural festivites, such as President Bush and soon-to-be President Obama riding together to Capital Hill. It was at this point that Micah, totally oblivious, ran to the TV and yelled "bye!" and "car!" Even a toddler knew the grand significance of the event.


Jennifer said...

That was HILARIOUS!!!!Love d it! thanks for brightening my day!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! We wish you were here to play in the snow with us!!!