October 2, 2009

Lentil: Pucker Up!

This week was all about lemons, puckering and harmonicas courtesy of Robert McCloskey's Lentil. Lentil may not be able to sing or whistle--because he can't pucker, poor kid!--but he can save the day with his harmonica.

Lentil can't sing. Lentil loves music, but sadly couldn't pucker to whistle. So he practices on a harmonica. In the tub.

So I gave Kenna and Mabes harmonicas to practice...where did they go? To the tub!

Of course, then the lesson involved a discussion about acoustics and how the sound resonates in a small room such as a bathroom with no carpet to absorb it.

Mabry and Kenna have enjoyed their noise makers so much that they play them all.the.time.
Hopefully next week's lessons will be quieter.

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HomeschoolingmamaofapackofGs said...

Oh what a brave soul you are. Do you need some motrin?