October 27, 2009

Today is Theodore Roosevelt's birthday.

And in honor of our boisterous 26th American president, my kids declared a no-school day in order to celebrate his energetic life.

While we were in Washington, DC a few months ago, we took a detour to Roosevelt Island so that my kids could see Teddy up close:

Teddy was a great conservationist (which is way he has a tiny island named after him) and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors. He actively hunted his own food, created games for his children and guest, and even set up obstacle courses for White House visitors.

I thought his quote of nature--"There is delight in the hardy life of the open..."--perfectly applied to my self-proclaimed country girls...
...especially the lively ones that observed his island with great speed:

Today in celebration, we reviewed his life. The girls relate well to his 6 children who supposedly slid down the White House banisters on cookie sheets--with their father's permission!--and kept a mini zoo in their executive bedroooms.

The Roosevelt kids were apparently a bit loud and rebellious and had so many chaotic and fun adventures that I had to stop telling the girls about the Roosevelt kids. I don't need any Roosevelt ideas enlightening my household. :D

Today, on Teddy's 151st birthday, the girls got their semi-wish today. I didn't let them take an entire day off, but I did let them do a report on a political Roosevelt family member. We used Easy File Folder Reports to aid in the presentations. Mabry is working on Theodore, Kenna is working on Franklin (the 32nd president and fifth cousin to Teddy) and Cayli chose Eleanor (who was Teddy's niece). (Whew! That Roosevelt family tree can give you a headache!)

Currently the girls are have a teddy bear tea party in honor of their fave president. Did you know that teddy bears became a popular toy after Theodore refused to shoot a big black bear on a hunting excursion? The softer side of Teddy continues to live on in today's generation.

Happy learning, y'all!

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