December 5, 2009

Deaf Banquet

Every year our church hosts a banquet for the area's Deaf and hard of hearing people. This year my girls attended. (Thanks to Dan, The Snake Man for these pictures!)

They came because they were going to be signing with the Silent Sounds choir. Our choir has practiced I Want Your Presence for Christmas and the girls learned all the words to sign with us. Tomorrow Cayli will lead her 4 grade choir in signing a song during the worship service. Then all next week they'll sign Bethlehem Morning in our church's Christmas pageant.

I first started learning sign language in the second grade when my friend and I would pour over a signing manual on our bus ride home. I got serious about it about 7 years ago when a precious deaf lady befriended me. So really, all I have ever learned, I've learned from my friends who are deaf. With 4 kids I haven't had the opportunity to take ASL classes; just hanging out with my friends, like sweet Mollie (below), I've learned quite a bit.

Signing has blessed my family in so many ways. Not only can I worship and communicate with great friends, I also get to share these friends with my family.

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Susan said...

You are so awesome. I hope to see you (for more than 30 seconds) soon.