January 9, 2008

I think I want a dalmation...

We are currently listening to this book in the car. It's the original story...you know the real story that Disney "recreated" for kids. But this story is absolutely fantastic! I learned so much about dogs and their barking habits, how it's really the dogs that walk us (not the other way around) and that dogs are actually brilliant creatures.

Now I know my sweet, loving and loyal BB is one smart gal, I just never knew that other canines could compare. But apparently 101 of them are quite intelligent also.

This is the first audio book that I haven't waited for the kids to finish. If, by chance, I actually make it to the car without them, I listen. And when we pull into the driveway, we all sit still until the chapter is over. I'm telling you, this book has captured us!

Now I can't compare it to the Disney movie because I've never seen the entire production. Quite honestly, I only started liking a dog (our black lab) last year. So I was never drawn to the movie. My kids, on the other had, have never met a four-legged creature that they don't just love. Whether it's dogs, cats, lizards, squirrels, salamanders, toads, possums, lions, tigers and bears, cows or horses, they ADORE them all! (I'll refrain from telling you about the baby squirrels they so lovingly "rescued.") And animals seem smitten by my girls.

Anyway, if you need something to occupy your drive through all the traffic and keep your mind off the hideous gas prices, grab a copy and entertain the kids by falling in love with those lovable blank and white pups. :)
PS If we actually had a dalmation, I'm sure this is what s/he would look like during our family games:

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