January 1, 2008

Wow! It's '08 already!

Happy New Year!

It's amazing how time flies. It was a year ago, but it seems that just yesterday I was struggling through a pregnancy, trying to pack up the Christmas chaos and organize a family birthday celebration for my soon-to-be 7-year-old daughter. Right now that same 7-year-old is writing her own invitations to her 8TH BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Hopefully, this nightowl will head towards bed so because I'm up trying to set a few goals for this new year. Taking a few weeks off from the normal routine during the holidays is disastrous on one hand (the kids can make me crazy!) and on the other, it's been good for me to take note of some areas where I need to focus (to prevent that craziness!). I realized around Christmas time that each of my daughters needs individual time with me. Yes, I know, I do everything with them all day long. But apparently they need separate focused time with me.

Last week, CG was having a few hard, emotionally-charged days (remember I said she is 7) so I took her out for a yummy frappacino and a visit to AC Moore. We bought some paper for her scrapbook, come home and worked on a few pages together. Just the few moments alone--together--made an impact. The next day, she felt and acted better. Who knew that a cold drink and a few sheets of colorful paper would lift her spirits? We'll definitely be doing this more often.

You may wonder what I did with M/K during this time? Well they stayed home and watched Star Wars with Daddy. :)

I'm now done with my current new year ramblings. After some focused prayer, I'll publish an official list in the next few days so you can help hold me accountable. Until then, I'd love to hear about your resolutions. So what fun things do you have planned this year?

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