January 2, 2008

Whatta Day!

In the first 30 minutes of the morning, I:

* vacuumed the inside of the washing machine (a stuff dog busted, leaving puddles of plastic pellets)

* bought a $25 library book (one of the kids sat on the coffee table and tipped over my fresh mug of hot chocolate...fortunately the book stopped the milk from gushing towards my camera, unfortunately it allowed the milk to flow everywhere else)

* wiped pink, sparkly, princessy globs of lip gloss from K's big toe (she was supposed to be finishing her math, not kicking lipgloss across the floor and stepping in it!)

But like every other day, there's always more laughter...Mischievous M decided to cut holes in her socks and dress her toy puppy. She even used a permanent marker to add spots to enhance the dalmation effect. She's so thoughtful and creative, isn't she?

The day should get better. I'm about to drop off my darlings at my parents' house so I can get my car serviced. Doesn't that sound like fun? Matthew will be joining me as soon as he gets back in town, so we'll have both our vehicles in the shop. Not a big deal, though, we're planning on a mini-date at a sandwich shop. Gotta make the most of out time, ya know? ;) Besides we don't know what we'll be cleaning up tonight once the kids get home!

ETA: The kids are in bed now...I think drinks are safe again. The same sweet ol' silly kid that made the cocoa mess, spilled my glass of sweet tea on top of the (thankfully closed) laptop! I'm telling ya, it was cRaZy around here today! I'm off to stock up on duct tape so that my drinks stay where I put them in the morning. :)

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