April 18, 2008

A few random, trivial bits from our life this week...and goober peas

Many of you have asked what Micah does while the girls are working on whatever school project they have going. Typically I put him in his walker, hand him a zwieback and send him on his merry little way to patrol the living room and kitchen areas. One day, though, I couldn't find him. Now how exactly do you lose a baby in a large walker? Easily...if you don't look around at his eye level. We finally found him under the table! Since then we find him there quite often...

And then there's our faithful dog, BB, who hangs out with CG while she finishes her math. She sits in her chair and looks over CG's page, content to listen to CG skip-count her mulitplication facts until she glances out the window and sees a squirrel climbing up to the bird feeders...then she's outta there for some fun with those hairy beasts.

My patriotic child, M, drew this fun picture in her Bible notebook today. Can you tell we are also discussing American history? We started the day with a few stories of the American Revolution (I love The American Story by Jennifer Armstrong for the young elementary ages!) and finished our morning writing about Joshua and the battle of Jericho the American Revolution. The waving American flags sure add a finishing touch!

Speaking of American history, we listen to Wee Sing America in the car these days and one of the kids' favorite songs in "Goober Peas." Just this week we discovered a goober pea is really a peanut. I had no idea! I'd never really thought about it, even though the song is a bit catchy. (If you're in the dark too, you can preview Burl Ives' rendition of this popular song from the Civil War era.) Speaking of peanuts, did you know they aren't really nuts? They are closely related to the family of beans and legumes. Who knew?

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Molly said...

lol, love the patriotic theme. ;o)