April 13, 2008

Sissy Soccer Girls

K has decided that she'd like to pursue soccer instead of dance next year. So I thought I'd with all my non-athletic ability I'd buy her a soccer ball and let her begin kicking it around and develop her eye-hand-foot coordination skills.

She's loving having her ball so much that she named it.

She calls her Ruby. She even sleeps with Ruby and takes Ruby to my parents' house and the grocery store.

Here's Ruby and K in K's flowery dress--as K said, "It matches, mom!" Check out the pink soccer shoes:)

And when Ruby gets dirty, she even carefully bathes Ruby to wash off all the dirt and grime from a day's worth of soccer practice.
I'm not sure how long the soccer interest will last, but Ruby has a friend (who hasn't been named yet), a bright blue and white softball.

All weekend the girls rotated between soccer and softball.
And here's Twirl Girl with a baseball bat:
I suspect she won't be trading her baton for a bat anytime soon.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Looks like the girls are having fun. The only sports my kids do is basletball. It seems to be all they're interested in. Id like to get them into golf though. How cute that K loves ruby so much! LOL