April 11, 2008

Gardening update

Because of this:
we had to try and plant our tomato seedlings again. This time will keep them out of BB's jaws.

I actually was contemplating whether or not to start another batch of seedlings. We didn't have a spare packet of seeds laying around the house and loading up the kids to go buy a handful of tomato seeds brought no excitment to my day. I did find myself at Target late yesterday, and while looking at soccer balls, I saw a rack of seeds in the distance. Lucky day! I didn't have to go to Lowes afterall! So I suppose if Target has tomato seeds, I might as well plant them.

So this morning we re-fertilized our garden plot and planted cucumbers, carrots, watermelon and canteloupe. Since I'm not a gardener, I'm hoping it will all grow. We followed all the advice on the back of the seed packets, but we didn't have as much ground as we needed and had to plant the seeds closer together. So if their roots intertwine, we might have cantemelons or carrotcumbers. :)


Loo said...

You live by a Target... LUCKY! ;)

Mrs. Darling said...

We have mild summers here and rain through June. We almost have to put our tomatoes in the ground as plants or they wont ripen. I could start them indoors but oh my, I dont like the fuss!