April 24, 2008

Little known facts and an ear infection

My baby never falls asleep in the highchair. He's always too eager to gulp down any food put in his path. But he's gummy-zwieback-cute nonetheless.

He fell asleep because he has an ear infection. Poor kid! He's had for a few days, but I was completely oblivious. He never pulled on his ears. He never had a fever. He wasn't all that fussy--even though his top teeth were breaking through. But his gunky and gross nose was constant. We even started calling him Snotty Scotty (not that Scott is even part of his name...it just rhymed...but don't you think he looks like a Scott?). And when we emptied a small bottle of infants' Pediacare, I knew it was time to bring in the big guy with a white coat. Sure enough, the ear was infected.

He's on the mend thanks to the amoxacillin and his nose didn't drip at all last night. Now that I've given you a little TMI, I thought I fill the rest of this entry with other trivial tidbits from this almost-11-months-old's life:

Micah will only fall asleep to the voice of Alan Jackson. Neither his Granny, nor I, can sing him to sleep. Mozart, Bach and Randy Travis don't cut it either. Only his crib, his blue crocheted blanket and AJ can soothe this boy straight into Dreamland.

For playtime, however, he expands his musical interests to include a variety of baby praise and classical orchestra CDs, even a little bit of leftover Sesame Street, and--prepare yourselves here--Big Bad VooDoo Daddies. This swingin' jazz group has the best baton twirling music so Micah gets a daily earful from his dancing sisters.

He only--as in no other way--drinks his formula mixed with 2 scoops of chocolate Nesquik. You think we're spoiling him? Probably--he's a tried and true Mama's Boy...because I have a glass with him. :)

He asks for bananas by name. Seriously, if a banana is on your counter, he morphs into a hyperactive monkey anticipating a feeding frenzy at the zoo as he screeches and grunts over that 'naaaannnnnaaaaa.

He's the great Houdini of pacifiers. His growing collection could be tied down to his crib or his hand or his clothes but somehow, someway they mysteriously disappear into the bottomless Paci Pit underneath his crib, not to be found until he magically retrieves them himself. This is very inconvenient for a groggy mama at 3am.

His favorite toys are a plastic spoon and an unopened container of M&M minis. He's so easy to please and keep entertained.

Any day now he'll take his first step. He's ready to run...I'll keep you posted.


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh how sweet. Chocolate milk in his formula? Sounds like something I would do with my granddaughter . lol

Tracie said...

Hey, what's going on? We have had the same nose going on here with Landon and he's got an ear infection too. But just to make things interesting, he decided to tank out his breathing on Tuesday and need 4 breathing treatments!!! Hope you guys feel better soon.