May 26, 2008

Can you believe

I haven't anything to write? (I hear your laughter...) ;)

I've closed the books on our '07-'08 school year. I've begun packing for our 3 day get-away later this week. I've organized all our school supplies for the '08-'09 year and we'll start shortly after our mini-vacation.

The girls are excited about the summer. We'll have some art lessons, swimming time with friends and participate in the library's reading program. This will be the first year that they will read all the books themselves!

But our life right now is fairly mundane. We're just enjoying each other and the last few days of spring weather.

It's nice to have a lull in our busy-ness. It won't last long, though...Micah's walking! :)

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Mrs. Darling said...

I wish I was in your shoes!