May 5, 2008

Here's a shock for you...

We found another lizard!

I think this makes lizard #4052 (I think...I lost count after the 2nd one they found this spring) since March 31. She is named Lilly and she now lives in a shoebox with lots of green leaves. She is apparently special because she has a "blue neck," as K said; meaning it has a bluish collar around the neck. (While riding her bike the other day, she smashed into a large concrete column--but give her a lizard and she observes minute details my eyes don't register.)

My kids are either bored or incredibly enamored by these creatures. We have thousands of dollars invested in dolls, toys, books, playground equipment, a baby brother...but it's the natural creatures that obsesses their minds.

As long as they keep their interests in lizards, butterflies/moths, ladybugs or an occasional spider, I'm fine. If they start bringing home snakes...we're moving far, far out of these woods!

I did note today that catching small beasts is a good physical activity, too. You should have seen K scurry to snag this sucker! She can be stealthy and swift when she wants. Now if being quiet is a necessity--you know, at the library or at bedtime--oh no, she'd be as loud and clumsy as possible! ;)


deleise said...

Your pictures are incredible! Love them. What kind of camera do you have? The one of the kids walking is beautiful. Great idea.

Molly said...

Cute picture! Maybe I don't need a photo edting tool, I need a photo taking class! :o)