May 15, 2008

Sweet Dreams

My kids have been drifting into dreamland as visions of chocolate bars and chocolate kisses and other chocolate treats dance in their heads. A pleasant way to go to sleep, don't you think?

We're winding down our school year with chocolate! This is the most fun and educational study we've done by far--not to mention the most delicious!

Let's see, we
  • graphed m&ms (each child had 57 pieces in her bag; red the fewest, green the most)
  • practiced fractions with Hershey bars
  • learned how monkeys make chocolate (they spit out bitter cacao seeds, a new tree grows...hey, you go read the book!)
  • ordered a kit that contains an couple of real cocoa beans (they look like almonds)
  • studied the nutritional info (it didn't stop us from devouring a bag of kisses)
  • read the history of chocolate (100s of years ago the Indians added peppers to flavor their cocoa)
We even learned what m&ms stand for--and it's not Makenna and Mabry, much to the disappointment of the twins. ;)

Even if you don't homeschool, or just need a fun study, check out this yummy unit and enjoy it with the entire family. :)

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Mrs. Darling said...

This does sound like fun. I might have to look into this and add this to our stuff.