February 20, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt

We hosted our support group's 2nd and 3rd grade girls at the zoo with a photo scavenger hunt.

We were just in time for the display of the zoo's baby giraffe as seen here with her mother, a picture in our hunt:

Here are the items that we looked for, plus a few others that I thought about while we were there. So grab your camera and took a new look at the wildlife through your viewfinder:
  • Your favorite animal

  • An animal that starts with the same first letter as your name

  • The longest tail

  • Animal with its tongue sticking out or yawning

  • Paw print

  • Animal native to your area

  • Zookeeper caring for the animal

  • Sleeping

  • Picture of you in front of the zoo sign or on an animal statue

  • Capture two different species in one photo

  • Mother animal with baby

  • Animals playing together

  • Animal you wouldn’t want to meet in the wild

  • Animal you would love to have as a pet

  • Cute and cuddly

  • Stripes

  • Horns

  • Animal looking at you

  • Nicest living area

  • Animal playing with water

  • Picture that captures the most birds

  • An animal from another continent

  • Smallest animal

  • Largest animal

  • Eating

  • Animal with your favorite color


Tracie said...

Hey. Thanks for taking Shelby. She had fun. I think we are going to have to do something like this for a family event. I hope M is feeling better and that no one else is sick--REALLY I do!!!!

Merritt Pace said...

The baby giraffe is so cute. I especially like the names that the zoo has given to their giraffes!
Mommy Giraffe=Sharon
Daddy Giraffe=Charlie
Baby Giraffe=Lewis

So funny! Have a super weekend!

April said...

This is such a great idea!!! I have to borrow this for the next time me and the kids visit the zoo:)