February 14, 2009

I can handle these reptiles...

Snakes, gila monsters, snapping turtles, crocodiles...I have not affection for.

But these creatures--straight from my kids' imaginations--can make themselves a home in my yard anytime!

Kenna's creation: The Rhode Island Famous Crocodile

Lives in Rhode Island; is green with a pink head and red dots on it's legs; eats oysters, leaves and bird; grows to be 14,000lbs; uses it's oversized tail to swat birds and leaves from the trees.

Mabry's creation: The Pink Snap-headed Allicroc
Lives in cars; is very little with a spikey tail just like a porcupine; it is poisonous because it eats poisonous flowers; it's tail is shaped like a pecan.

Cayli's creation: The Cactus Green Lizard

(Cayli isn't one to fill in the blanks--she wrote an entire story of finding this creature!)

I once was skipping through the rsin forest on a hot sunny day. I knew it was going to rain this afternoon. But it was morning, so I had nothing to worry about. As I was skipping, I saw an odd-shaped green lizard. It had a white long zig-zag flowing down his back. On it's light green tail it had white spikes like a cactus branch on each side of it's tail. The tip of each spike was blue. I saw that he had green eyes, but the middle of his eyes were dark greenish brown. I put out my hand. He crawled on. And I tell you, he was as light as a feather! He was at least 4 inches long. I brought him home and researched him hard. I could not find it in my research, so I gave him a name. I named him the Cactus Green Lizard. That very same day, I observed what he eats and where he lives. He eats green cocoa brown leaves. I learned that he had a family that lives under a green cocnut tree in the rainforest. I let him go under a spikey plant--whatever it was called--and that was where I found him. Even today, the lizard I found is called the Cactus Green Lizard.

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