February 11, 2009


I figured at some point in my kids' young lives they needed to study about reptiles. Most of what they already know is based on the thousands of lizards they have captured over the past few years and they also hear my warnings of "look out for snakes!" I yell with a ting of vocal disgust at that slithery, slimey creatures as the girls go traipsing through the woods around our house.

So this week was as good as any. I swallowed hard and started shuttering reading about how reptiles have 3 chambered heart, are cold-blooded, legs (if any) are in pairs, so forth and so on...

Then I sent them out with a camera to see what they would come back with.

Here's what they found:

Fortunately we were at the zoo and the snake was securely behind glass. Thick glass.

Which was good because this snake was active. It kept spiraling around it's area, checking us out like he was as interested in us as we were in him:

Turns out, this snake is a Boelen's Python, native to New Guinea.

Here's a tip: When you go to zoo to take pictures of creepy interesting creatures, make sure you take a picture of the informational sign. That way you can always go back and remember the name of the creature that you want to avoid at all cost in real life.

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