February 17, 2009

There once was a little boy

cute and cuddly to the core
but every once in awhile
he morphs into a tornado
and no matter how many times I tell him NO
there's always some destruction to show...
Micah, being all boy that he is, loves electronics. Forget the cars and trains and wild animal pieces he has cluttering his room.
He'd much rather play with mommy's toys.
Before his first birthday, he carefully peeled apart our TV remote layer by layer ; right after he turned one, he drowned my cell phone by dipping it repeatedly in the dog's water dish; and now--he's still a few months from two--he climbed higher than ever, grabbed my camera...and now it doesn't work anymore. :(
Since I can't take any pictures to show what happened, the girls drew you the scenario so that you can see for yourself. :)

Above you see that Mabry depicted his naughtiness by walking away from the table with the camera. Notice the chairs are still pushed in towards the table--I really thinked he scaled the table leg to get on top. Or maybe he can really can reach that high in a single bound.
The camera was actually on our computer table, pushed all the way back to the wall. I was downloading images, stepped away for a second to fulfill a motherly duty and now live with the knowledge that my toddler is really a mighty Superman.
Below Kenna writes about what she saw. She was the one to find him with the camera. On the left, she yells, "Miiiiiiiiccccaaaaaaaaaaah" and on the right she describes
We'll be sending the camera back to the manufacturer in hopes they can undo the damage of a 20-month-old. Though I suspect he's probably outsmarted them too.
I just hope we find some kryptonite to slow him down soon! He's taking on increasingly complex tasks--if he started with a simple remote and now befuddled a camera so soon...I'm a bit concerned about my house and car.


Mrs. Darling said...

My kids would have loved that baby giraffe. We havent been to the zoo in about a year now. I think its time to go!

Amanda said...

Oh, Melinda, I am so sorry! I know you loved that camera! Boys are so tough to swallow some times. ((hugs))