March 21, 2008

CG's garden: the beginning

On this day, CG thought it best to begin her garden. Sensing that she'd want to do this very thing, I read up on what we needed to buy and do before we planted her veggies. Santa (thank goodness for him!) had given her a garden bucket with gardening tools at Christmas and brought her a copy of Grow Your Own Pizza.

Last night we went to Lowes and bought seeds of her choice: tomato (she says she hates these but she's kind enough to grow them for me :), cucumber, pumpkin, canteloupe and carrot. An ambitious, if not a bit intimidating, list, don't you think? But really, how hard is it to put a seed in the ground and watch a pumpkin grow? For generations people have been growing their own fruits and it can't be hard, can it?

Since this morning we were blessed with a bright and warm sunshine, we went ahead and planted the tomoato seeds. You have to plant them in their own container (we chose an egg carton) to let the seeds adjust to the air temp and grow a bit. Then you plant the seedlings in the ground.

So this will give us a bit of time to prepare the ground for our garden. Matt will be helping CG in the evenings to plant, weed, water and harvest her bounty. He doesn't know anything either...but we figure as long as we stay one step ahead of her, we should be fine. :)

Here are some more pictures from this morning:

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