March 6, 2008

Our Family Flag

Even though we've also begun a family bird study, CG and I have been studying Besty Ross together. Today we read about the time Betsy took her best friend down the wharf and looked at all the flags on the docked ships. CG and I discussed how a flag is representative of a country or a state with a rich meaning. We talked about the history behind our own American flag and our state's flag, too.

Then I had CG design a flag for our family. We talked about how any elements she chose needed to have some meaning. Here's what she came up with:

Green because we live in the country surrounded by lots of green trees. Blue because all of the kids' eyes are blue. The cross because we love God. There are 6 flowers because we love nature and each flower represents each member of our family.

Just for fun we digitized it. CG morphed herself into a bossy art director :) and tweaked it a tad by adding flowery rainbow-colored stars ( which she meticulously showed me where to place them) and switching the blue and green border around:

She really liked the designing part of creating a flag. She could have easily just drawn a picture of something she'd like to see on a flag, but she took the time to carefully think through the use of visual graphics and color. Not too bad for an 8-year-old!

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