March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Spring Magic
by CM Barker

The World is very old;
But year by year
It groweth new again
When buds appear.

The World is very old,
And sometimes sad;
But when the daisies come
The World is glad.

The World is very old;
But every Spring
It groweth young again,
And fairies sing.

You would think it is Christmas with all the excitement in our home today. My kids have been waiting for the day ever since winter began. They are delighted that spring has officially sprung!We began celebrating the day by copying this poem into our comp books. And soon we are headed out to an Easter egg hunt.

Then we will do what CG (who colored the above fairy, by the way) has been waiting for since the end of last year: buying seeds to plant a tomato, cucumber and carrot veggie garden and seeds for a whole field of sunflowers! I don't have a single green thumb so this should be quite interesting. :)

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Mrs. Darling said...

Have fun with your garden. Love the fairy!