March 3, 2008

We started our bird study today

We have decorative black iron colums holding up the roof over our front porch. Don't these bird feeders make an exeptonal accessory? You know you have a housefull of girls when you use a purple ribbon to tie a birdfeeder to a post. These feeders are made from an old water bottle. I picked up the feeder part at a homeschool convention years ago.
We also placed seed inside a clay tray an laid it out on a stool. The seed is an assortment of sunflower seed, finch food and dried fruits. According to the package we should attract every backyard songbird created by God. But with our lazy dog napping on the porch and aimless wandering around, I just hope to see a bird.
We also began reading the Burgess Bird Book for Children. I just love how Thornton Burgess weaves science into his personified creatures. Tomorrow we will do a bit of research on the bird anatomy and read a few more Burgess stories.
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