August 21, 2008

I've been tagged! Six Quirky Things About Me...

My friend Heather at Blog, She Wrote tagged me for this fun meme. Here are the rules. First, link back to the person who tagged you. List the rules in your post and tell about your six quirks. Then tag six more people. :)

Now I have a number of quirks, so I'm going to try to keep them to the top six:

1. I am not the most observant person. I'm forever losing my keys, even though they are right on the table by the door. I've even walked up to a friend to ask about another friend, only to be told that the person that I was inquiring about was only two people over from where I was standing. So, yes, I tend to miss the obvious...unless I'm looking through the narrow viewfinder in a camera or living in the electronic world of graphic design. I get very picky when looking at a proof of an ad or brochure and can tell you if the type is slightly uncentered or the color is a shade off.

2. Because I'm terribly oblivious to the obvious, I'm also the Queen of Klutz. I possess absolutely no grace and have never had any poise. I'm about clumsy as they come, especially in front of a group of people. I can be walking down the hall and quickly find myself on the floor. And if I go out to eat with friends, I'm guaranteed to wear some of my food by the end of the meal.

3. I think with a pencil in my hand. I'm always writing something whether it's a to-do list or a grocery list or school planning or what I want to accomplish in my life. Even this blog post was written in pencil before it was published. If a pencil isn't in my hand, it's probably in my hair for quick retrieval.

4. Though I'm not opposed to writing with ink, I am a pen snob. Bics just don't do anything for me; I prefer Parker ballpoints in shades of green or purple but will settle for the traditional blue or black. And I really love my fountain pens, especially my Lamy aluminum.

5. I'm a fairly even-keel. On personality tests my introvert/extravert scores are the same. On spiritual gifts tests, my top 3 rank about the same. On right brain/left brain tests my scores are as equal as can be. I guess that's why I can be somewhat logical and organized with a bit of creative flightiness thrown in.

6. I never, never, ever, no never let my arms or legs dangle off the sides of my bed, especially at night. You just never know who or what is underneath.

So here's who's it:
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Mrs. Darling at Dishpan Dribble
Tricia in TX
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Enjoy! :)


lindler5 said...

done. fun stuff. thanks for the tag.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh you are so funny. I lose everything too but I think its the change of life for me. Whatever it is its still aggravating!

And okay, I'll do this just for you even though I usually dont participate in this stuff. See how special you are? LOL