August 14, 2008

Last Child Standing

CG wins the award for being the healthiest kid in our home. At least for today, she has kept her jovial spirit and creativity. She has also kept all of her food in her tummy. While everyone else was napping, CG and I enjoyed her favorite game, Cadoo.

Micah also got sick--but that was probably because he used all of his Herculean powers to split the world into two pieces.

Matthew thinks we should start calling him Atlas. Since geography is our primary focus for the year, the girls are always looking at some sort of map or globe. Micah obviously likes exploring the earth too.

And here he is...fierce conqueror of the world!
And here's what a homeschooling mom's stash of books look like when the kids are sick:
They just sort of piled up as I tended to the various needs. And you know what else is sick? My dishwasher--thanks to a recent lightning storm. The applicance doc will be by next week with replacements parts. So, if you think that picture of tossled books is bad, you should see the stack of dishes waiting to be washed. How in the world did past generations live without a dishwasher? With a family of 6, the dishes are never all clean, especially with sick kids.
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