August 9, 2008

New Habits

Slowly we are slinking into our rhythm of the new school year. The study of world geography excites the children, though math tends to bit a bit mundane for them.
One of my goals for the year is to teach each of the girls the basics of playing the piano. I figure that I can get them through the primer levels (thanks to the million years of lessons I took) and if they show any sort of talent and desire, then I can pay a professional. So to give each girl her special piano time, each child has her very own lesson day. K started first last Monday and has declared that she LOVES piano. She has diligently practiced every day. Which is amazing for this highly distractable child. Taking a picture of her playing was easy, because she sits on the stool for lengths of time and studies the music. The other children...well, they LIKE piano, but twirling/staging plays/playing with BB seems to be more fun.

So here's K, my dedicated little virtuoso:

And Micah has a least one new habit (other than playing in the trash can and drowing little people in the dog's water dish). He likes slurping his sister's cherry dr. pepper from Sonic (surely I'm not the only mom who seizes the opportunity to buy drinks during Sonic's happy hour, am I?):

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Mrs. Darling said...

That little boy is just too precious!

Im pulling Peter out of piano lessons. Every practice is met with tears and Im just tired of it. Peter is good at it but I dont think he had the dedication right now. He goes to public school and gets home at 4:30. He is just too exhausted by then poor kid.

My name is Dianna said...

We love happy hour at Sonic!!! I just have to be careful, our youngest daughter once mentioned to her Sunday-school teacher that she wanted to go to 'happy-hour'....I had a little explaing to do. I love your blog, I just picked it up from Amanda....I'll be back:)